The Cancer Fund invests in four specific areas to support the cancer services provided by UCLH,  to improve the experience of patients and the staff who treat them.

We work closely with teams in the cancer services division, who let us know when something is in need of additional funding. We encourage staff members to submit funding applications, bringing a diverse range of projects and opportunities to our attention.

For detailed examples of the impactful projects we have funded, please visit our blog. Here, you will find stories of how our investments are making a real difference in the lives of patients and the staff at UCLH.


Providing equipment, supplies and renovations

Funding kit to aid rehabilitation, state-of-the-art medical apparatus and building refurbishments across UCLH sites. We've funded equipment and renovations from new quiet pods for sensitive conversations, and a pain distraction system for radiotherapy treatment, to colourful murals which brighten up waiting rooms.


Supportive care for patients

This covers all the additional aspects of care which can help make a hospital visit more comfortable, and a little less stressful. We fund complementary therapy for teenagers and young adults, run snack trolley services, provide books for waiting rooms and wards, and improved WiFi for our childrens ward, so young people can stay in touch with their loved ones.


Training, developing and supporting staff

We're proud to work alongside incredible UCLH oncology staff, and forever grateful for the donations which allow us to support them in their professional development. Through funding educational courses, conferences and qualifications, we support staff to advance their specialist knowledge, continually improving cancer services and patient care. Beyond this, we're happy to support their welfare, from funding team building activities, to coffee mornings and uplifting treats.


Advancing research

To ensure we remain at the cutting edge of treatment delivery and patient care and the forefront in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Studies we have supported include the use of robotic surgery techniques to improve outcomes for prostate cancer patients, the development of an app for managing chemotherapy induced menopause, and funding PhD research students.

Get in touch if you have any questions about how we support cancer services at UCLH. For specific projects we support, download the latest edition of the Cancer Fund newsletter, or visit our blog.