The Cancer Fund invests in four specific areas to support the cancer services provided by UCLH,  to improve the experience of patients and the staff who treat them.

We work closely with the teams in the cancer services division, so we're the first to be alerted when something needs additional funding. We encourage staff members to submit funding applications, bringing a diverse range of projects and opportunities to our attention.


Providing equipment, supplies and renovations

Funding kit to aid rehabilitation,  state-of-the-art medical apparatus and building refurbishments.


Cancer patient care

Helping to make a hospital visit more comfortable by providing snacks, fitting Wi-Fi and enhancing treatment delivery.


Training, developing and supporting staff welfare

Investing in the professional development of cancer staff and advancing their specialist knowledge. Providing staff with welfare items, such as water bottles, fleeces and healthy snacks.  


Advancing research

To ensure we remain at the cutting edge of treatment delivery and patient care and the forefront in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Read the latest edition of the Cancer Fund newsletter to find out more about what we fund.