Childhood Cancer Awareness Appeal

We've set up our Childhood Cancer Awareness Appeal to support our paediatric cancer department by improving a number of facilities and services for our young patients.  

We spent time with one of our paediatric cancer nurses, Ellie. When Ellie was just eight years old in 2008, her life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, an aggressive bone cancer. Little did she know that this challenging journey would lead her back to the same hospital, but this time as a nurse, providing compassionate care to young patients experiencing cancer. 

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Bring the Colour to Radiotherapy

The UCLH radiotherapy department treats around 2000 people of all ages with common cancers each year, as well as providing more highly specialised treatment. The team supports patients, families and carers throughout radiotherapy. They ensure that care plans are individualised to each patient’s needs, guiding them through treatment and supporting them at every step.

Patients who have received a diagnosis requiring radiotherapy spend a considerable amount of time in the department, attending multiple appointments just in preparation for the process. They receive daily radiotherapy for up to six weeks, with regular follow-up visits for several years. The current physical environment of the department is unwelcoming, unfriendly and in drastic need of improvement. The Cancer Fund are working to fund these renovations. 

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