Whatever you decide to do to raise money, we'll support you on your journey.

Our team are here to discuss your fundraising ideas, provide handy materials like collection boxes, posters, t-shirts and more; just get in touch to start your planning.


Unique Challenges

There's no limits to the ways you could raise money: from a sponsored walk, to taking the leap and skydiving for the Cancer Fund, whatever you choose to do we'll support your fundraising!

Visit our blog for inspiration, or our events calendar to see what we've got lined up.




Hosting your own event

Hosting your own event is a great way to raise money - whether you get together with a few friends or invite your whole community!

From bake sales to raffles, quizzes and cinema nights, there's a whole world of activities that can be turned into wonderful fundraisers.

Get in touch if you have any questions about setting up an event, and for more fundraising ideas. If you already have an event planned let us know so we can send out a free fundraising pack.

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Corporate Support

Whether it’s employee fundraising and engagement, commercial opportunities or one-off events, we’ll work closely alongside your teams to develop a mutually-beneficial partnership to help the hospital provide world-class cancer care at UCLH. 

Employee fundraising and challenges create team goals which are excellent for morale. It also provides your company with exciting and engaging stories to tell your customers, suppliers and the local community.