Thank you for the Super Scarves!

A huge thank you to Scamp and Dude for their donation of Super Scarves to UCLH Cancer Fund to give to women with cancer. 

What better person to hand out these scarves than Nicola, our UCLH Wig Specialist? Nicola has worked at UCLH for 18 years, helping hundreds of women going through cancer treatment to find a wig or a headscarf to help regain their confidence. Nicola said, “When I leave work at the end of the day, I love knowing that I’ve helped to improve someone's cancer journey. It’s so nice to be able to help someone by giving them a lovely scarf. When people lose their hair, they feel they lose their identity, and it’s especially difficult for women. It takes time to help someone build confidence to wear a wig, too, so it’s about taking it slow and helping them come to terms with the possibility of hair loss before finding a wig. These Scamp and Dude scarves are really lovely and cosy, and the women I give them to are so grateful; it’s such a nice thing to give at the end of one of my sessions.”


Scamp and Dude started their Super Scarf mission with the aim of gifting scarves to over 60,000 women across the UK who are being treated for cancer. We're so grateful to have received these gorgeous scarves as part of the mission, and look forward to sharing more with UCLH patients!

Find out more about Scamp and Dude's #SuperScarfMission here: Scamp and Dude Super Scarves